This Is Home (for now) πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

It’s summer and a chilly 15 degrees (that’s Celsius kids) in my quiet corner of Wales, a home base I’ve finally returned to after a long stint in the city studying for my BA (A rather useless but enjoyable Literature degree that has left me with far too many books even for my addiction, and a penchant for scribbling – you can see my creative writing blog here.)

Now Uni is over, graduation is next month, and my exchange down under (more on that later) has inspired a wanderlust like no other, I’m on a mission to write the world!

I’m headed back to Australia on a working holiday visa, with extended stops in Thailand and the islands of Indonesia – and my list does not stop there! I have 11 countries I’m dying to explore, and the “plan” is to work and travel abroad for as long as I can. 

For now though, on this first fledgling journey, I’m still finding my wings. After a brief sojourn in Zakynthos with family, I’ll be well and truly throwing myself into the unknown starting August 8 at 9pm GMT. 

Flights are booked, beds are, well… kind of sorted for the most part with room for spontaneity, volunteer placements and activity camps have been arranged, the only thing left is to start up a blog – hello!


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