Delays, Delays, Delays

The Airport Disaster. 

Everyone’s had one. You wake up fresh as a daisy after sleeping the maximum amount of time your tense excitement will allow while your bags stand ready and waiting in a corner of the room, throw on the strange shambles of comfy clothes left for the plane ride itself (I will never understand the contortionists that opt to change into these later in a plane bathroom, it’s long haul, no ones going to come off it looking glamorous except the flight attendant). If your father is like mine, you leave 4 hours ahead of time just in case the M4 suddenly gets nuked or becomes the target of Godzilla’s next rampage (“you never know”). You get to the airport so early your flight isn’t even on the checkin screens, although after the leisurely lunch when it still isn’t there and there’s a strange queue for the information desk you start to get antsy, until a trip to the bathroom leads to overhearing that a storm in Taipei has trapped your plane in Taiwan and your flight is delayed. Really, really delayed. Cancelled, even, until maybe the next day. There is nothing like that stomach-plunging weight of disappointment, stress, anxiety, worry that hits you as you realise you can’t control how things go now, no matter how well-planned your trip was, especially with how well planned your trip was (I had connections to catch in Bangkok and a volunteer position to be at within 12 hours of my original connections arrival date). Then comes the hour long wait in what seems like a never ending queue, only to have your boarding pass exchanged for a bus ticket and a voucher for a Heathrow hotel. Not quite the journey of discovery I was expecting. But hey, free food will cheer nearly anyone up, and when calls to London friends for last minute fun found busy busy bees (they live in London, God knows what else I was expecting), bumping into an equally lost person in the lift led to a long chat in the bar over far too many tequilas for my brand new 9am checkin the next day, yet somehow zombie-me made it. It was finally, finally time to say goodbye to Terminal 2 and Queenie; next stop, Thailand. 



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